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Single PRX one Versus TWO Eon One Mk2? and LIMITER THRESHOLD question

Hi, I have a PAIR of Eon One Mk2, I believe these are rated at 400w Continuous and 123db
I'm finding increasingly that I have to run them at their limit to have enough volume at gigs and the Limiter light is constantly flashing so I'm considering upgrading to the PRX arrays which |I believe are 1000w continuous and 130db. My question is this - would a single PRX offer me better performance than my pair of Eon One Mk2s? I'm NOT technically minded but I understand that db is an exponential increase rather than linear?
As an aside - whilst going through the setup on my Eon One MK2s the other night I notice that the THRESHOLD on the Limiter can be adjusted (increased)? I'm not entirely sure what this means so I'd be very happy if someone could explain it to me?



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    RickFRickF Posts: 6

    HI Dave,

    I think DB SPL is logarithmic not exponential...anyway, you are correct it is not linear.

    So I have a Eon One MK2 I gig with. I would say to trust your ears as to whether there is any distortion when you think you are pushing the MK2's. I find there is plenty of headroom and the unit can get very loud. I also see the the limit light on at times but it doesn't seem to line up with the amount of volume available. As a general commentary, if you are running a pair of MK2s and they are not loud enough you must be playing very large areas...they should be pretty loud.

    With that said, the PRX is a beast and will out perform the MK2 for loudness...however, do your diligence. Unless you are playing very big venues I find it hard to imagine the 2 MK2 won't suffice.

    Also, the power ratings don't always align with practical use...if that makes sense.

    Maybe if we understood a little about your use case it would be easier to comment on...


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    I have an Eon One MKII, with volumes set below maximum it glitches/clips. Also Bluetooth cuts out randomly and battery only last a couple of hours. Not impressed when it cost £1200!
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