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Unable to connect EON 612 (6xx series) to the app (second-hand buy) SOLVED

I was unable to connect EON 612 (6xx series) to the app EON connect.
Mine is a second-hand speaker, and was linked with a device from the previous user/owner.
I couldn't find in the documentation how to reset the speaker's Bluetooth, but finally, I find-it in another forum, as part of the solution to another situation.
To reset Bluetooth, you must power-on the speaker while pressing both together EQ+ and BOOT buttons.
Thereafter, run the app and try to add a new device. Pressing SYNC in the speaker activates his Bluetooth and then appears in the list of devices to connect to in the app.
If someone has found this information in the manual, I'll appreciate knowing where is it, thus either, I'll annotate manually in my PDF manual.


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    As indicated in the title of discussions, the problem is solved, so I hope this serves to another user in the forum.

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    eliza51eliza51 Posts: 1

    Congratulations on resolving the connectivity issue with your second-hand EON 612 speaker! Troubleshooting such problems can be challenging, but with perseverance and patience, you've successfully overcome it. Enjoy the enhanced functionality and control offered by the app with your speaker. Happy listening!

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    miley87miley87 Posts: 1

    Glad to hear you've resolved the issue with connecting your second-hand EON 612 speakers to the app! Enjoy unleashing their full potential and creating amazing sound experiences.

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