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JBL Quantum 910 very average sound - EQ help

empleatempleat Posts: 1
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I was using some Logitechs for 50-100$ and even they had better overall balanced sound! I Am not expert but it seems these headphones are too skewed to bases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abWgIntheWA This slower beat and relying on basses more, it sounds good/normal even great i would say and has depth! But this: https://youtu.be/wLuGhfpD-y0?si=CdSoPMjTp5gFBl6W&t=170 Music sounds flat and mb. underwater i don't know how to describe, all sounds are like closer together! And heights sound bad! I would describe it like music is on the background, but drums and beats are on foreground not to mention they are not very good! Also this song: https://youtu.be/F8ZU9WKARFw?si=HciBNBIxVH_zHEY8&t=320 when you hear long "vrrrrrrrr" it is same volume it doesn't spike like on my old headphones which doesn't make sound exciting, it has same tone/volume through whole sound!

I was already searching long time for any ANC headphones.

  1. software/device is up to date
  2. connected via dongle first and set it up according to quick-start guide
  3. tried both 10cm jack cable and dongle
  4. anc ON/off
  5. all equalizers and messing with bases 31-250hz

Nothing had any major effect on this, there is consistent pattern in multiple tracks, sound sounds very bad for 350$ headphones!

I already looked over like all ANC headphones on Czech market... Many are not even retractible (who makes headphones that you cannot adjust on your head WTF?) or they have too small ear cups (manufacturers don't even bother list this parameters) that's why i went with these: as i returned last 3 headphones as they simply didn't fit over my ears... It is moronic... And i would rather not return these, but sound quality is like wtf there are probably 50$ ones that sound better!

Is there some EQ preset that can mitigate issue these headphones clear have? To make sun better overall? Or is it lost cause?

I don't know what other headphones i would buy, as i cannot buy 30 and return them simple because they don't list ear cups size online... Not to mention already 50% is clear they are too small or not retractible so they are useless to me...

Sorry if it is hard to read i have chronic pain 8 years...

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