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JBL EON One Compact - Love it!

I have recently purchased the JBL EON One Compact and love it! It's perfect for my application, sitting atop my Cargo Bicycle in between towns in readiness for the spontaneous music I perform in them. The delayed power on switch is ideal, because even though my PA is packed and transported with the utmost care and attention, I wouldn't want the power on switch to be inadvertently turned on during transport. For a battery powered portable PA, this is very smart thinking on JBL's behalf! The all in one set up means that I am not having to carry extra bits of kit (and weight on my bike) and I can plug my Mandolin directly into the Hi-Z input without hassle. Do I still have connectivity flexibility questions, like IEM? Yes, but more on that later.


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    Whilst it would be 'ideal' (for my application) to be able to tap into an IEM output on the JBL EON One Compact that doesn't silence the main speaker, like the headphone jack does, we often don't live in an ideal World. I considered using the 'pass thru' jack as an output for this purpose, but decided against it as there is simply not enough technical information provided by JBL to make an informed decision on this. Why do I need IEM? Outside of my purely acoustic performance, I also use a loop pedal. I use this in two ways, both Live Looping and for WAV File backing tracks that I have pre-recorded with numerous instruments and uploaded to the pedal. These tracks have fade in and out, so it is vital for me to be able to hear the start and end outside of any environmental noise. The only way I have been able to achieve the IEM I need, is to use my EBS pre-amp, with the Loop Pedal in the FX Send and Return Loop, the balanced output to the channel 1- or 2-Line input on the JBL, and the (non-silencing) headphone output to my Rockboard IEM amplifier. The extra kit on my bicycle is therefore unavoidable, but it solves the problem!

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