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JBL Eon mk2 + JBL PRX one, at the same gig?

I'm looking to inquire about others' experiences with using the JBL EON mk2 in conjunction with the JBL PRX one. The reason being, I own both since I often need each for different purposes - but occasionally, I also would like to them to be used simultaneously, in some sort of stereo setup, as the size of the venue can be quit different OR I need a better spread of the sound (not neccesarily volume vice)... I also have 2 EON compact. I play in different setups. Partyband (full powered and micked up drum kit - we normally use, a Turbo sound FOH for this, and I don't think the PRX or the MK2 would be used as for for this, byt maybe side monitor) for private party, acoustic trio, pub/cafe jobs, AND most jobs are playing one or two surprise songs in churches for the bride (that's why the EON mk2 is handy, with the battery).

Looking forward to hear, if anyone has any succes, in using several different JBL systems in conjunction, from the same mixer app.. :-)

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