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JBL Aeon one MK2 firmware 5.2.8 problem input all

I just upgrade version MK2 to 5.2.8 latest version, everything work well but not recognize all input, even bluetooth can connect and play but not hear anything.


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    phunhatphunhat Posts: 1

    I have exactly the same issue since last week after upgraded my MK2 to version 5.2.8 then everything connected but can not hear anything. Bad thing is can not degrade to prior version. So now my Eon Mk2 is useless. Any solution for it ? Thank you

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    adamdabinadamdabin Posts: 1
    edited May 17

    I have the same issue as well. The firmware level I was on had the 3 second delay on bluetooth audio playback so was keen to upgrade to see if it was fixed, only to find now there is no audio playback via bluetooth.

    1. I have done a factory reset to no avail.
    2. I have tried connecting via bluetooth an Andriod Phone, Apple IPad and a desktop computer and all the same issue, no audio playback via Bluetooth
    3. On the plus side, all three devices connected without drama via bluetooth on first go which seems to be an improvement.

    Its disappointing that what would be a broadly used feature that is adding value to the owners of an EON MK2 did not got through basic validation testing as part of the firmware release. Much improvement to be had in this space by JBL.


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