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VRX932LAP High Frequencies drops

We have a JBL VRX932LAP system with JBL VRX subs. the subs are ok. but the loud speakers are the issue the high frequencies drops flickering on and off between Left and Right speakers and it occurs at interval.
Please any help. Thanks


  • ZappafileZappafile Posts: 2

    Are they going thermal? Are the amps switching on and off?

  • OwensgOwensg Posts: 2

    The amps are not switching on and off. I also noticed that the 2 bottom speakers on the right are louder the left bottom speakers and they are on the 0db switch. I replaced the cables cables and also change the outputs on the DBX drive rack 4800 that did not solve the problem. I have another 932lap at the side of the gallery which works well at loud music and drops during speech.

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