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IR Input on Master


My rep mentioned recently that he thought you could do IR In on standard NetLinx processor (not 700/900). IO Port possibly??

Any other ideas on getting IR in to a processor from a Universal Remote. Looks like the only thing I can find that hasn't been discontinued is the EXB-MP1.


  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702
    No chance directly connecting to an existing 2100/3100/4100 port for IR IN.

    Current choices include a MET6N keypad (best price option for anything new from AMX). Our dealers use them in banks at the rack, fed by Xantech or other brand repeaters with concealed in-room pickups, or in some cases via a multi-control HDMI end-box-to-switcher repeater (Atlona and others).

    You could slave a 700 or 900 just to get an input, but that's costly.

    Obsolete choices include many things you can find on eBay, AXB-TCR, AXB-TM5, -TMC, -TM, plus wall units and the old tan swivel box units (which we have about 100 of, new in box, waiting maybe for you- email me).
  • sonnysonny Posts: 208
    Thanks John...I certainly couldn't see this working directly on a processor.

    <Oh how I wish we had better remote control options>
  • IR Input on Master

    Rather than IR, I use an AXR-RF to connect a MX900 to my AMX system. To save time and available channel numbers in the AMX program, I have it alongside a URC MRF base for IR control of some source devices. Just be sure to get the correct model -418 or -433 for the model URC or RTI you are using. This also eliminates the need to point the remote at a target or fuss with piggybacking a decent looking IR receiver onto the hideous AMX offerings.

    Prior to this, I used a broken MET-6N as an IR receiver, which I probably still have laying around if you're interested.
  • sonnysonny Posts: 208
    I thought about the RF option but have 20+ remotes I have to do on this job. I've used these with R2's in the past, don't I need 1 per remote? Not sure this is doable with URC with this number of remotes....I could be wrong though. All info is greatly appreciate!!!
  • Is this a Total Control system? If so, just use 232.

    If this isn't a Total Control system, and you haven't yet sold the remotes, it would be a thing to consider. The remotes connect over Wi-Fi, so as long as the network is good you don't need to add and antennas or anything, just the URC processor that will talk to the AMX system.
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