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Modero MVP-7500, AMX splash screen only after reboot.

Hello all.

I was failing manfuly to troubleshoot an issue in one of our classrooms that had been reported back to me as a faulty panel. I realised that the Wifi NXA-wap250g was not working so thought "victory is mine" and took out the faulty one and tested with a generic range expander i had kicking around the stores. I was checking all the info via the setup and connection pages on the panel, saw my new replacement test wifi ssid. tried to connect and it would not allow me. I then rebooted the panel just to be sure the change of transmitter, or the untender thumpings that users and support staff have been giving it had caused any issues.

The thrice accursed thing will now not load past teh AMX splash screen, nor will it show the admin screens.

Any advice or ideas other than "buy a new one that thing is older than Facebook and Twitter" ?


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    It may be the a WiFi card in the Touch Panel is too old for the newer WAPs security settings. It may have just gne dead to. They did that. The 7500 is pretty old.
  • AuserAuser Posts: 506
    Cenydd wrote: »
    The thrice accursed thing will now not load past teh AMX splash screen

    Often indicative of a compact flash card that has gone bad.

    Post 150 here may be of assistance:

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,714
    Yes, there may be TWO issues here. The initial issue might be the radio card, and yes the older ones can't do more modern security. If the type of security didn't change when you added new WIFI (and other AMX panels continue to connect in the same location), that's not the problem with connection. This series of panels sometimes just takes a while to decide it will connect. On many occasions when I've been unable to get a 7500 or 8400 of the early vintage to connect, and I've been sure it was all set right, I'd go get something else to do and leave it for 30 minutes. Nearly always there would be green balls waiting when I returned.

    Not being able to get past the AMX logo on a boot is -always- firmware failure, nearly always the flash card. Early firmware apparently aggressively wrote the configuration back to the same location on the card every time it woke up, eventually wearing out that location. It would still work - until a reboot. Sometimes after initial failure it would allow a boot but require calibration every time it boots. Either way, a new card will nearly always cure it if done right... matching or forcing the firmware to match.
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