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Text Command don't display French ASCII character

Hi All,

i got a MXT-1001 and i'm trying to display text by using ^TXT Command

if i send to my panel

SEND_COMMAND dvtp,"'^txt-1,0,Français'"

it display Fran?ais

if i enter the text in the TP5 it works. any character higher than 127 doing this.

i have not tested it with another panel, i will try tonight but someone could point me in the correct direction.

thanks all.


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    a_riot42a_riot42 Posts: 1,624
    The ^TXT command only sends non-unicode text. You would need the ^UNI command to send unicode.
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    RaphayoRaphayo Posts: 111
    I will try that tomorrow.

    I just have to replace ^txt by ^uni ?
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    a_riot42a_riot42 Posts: 1,624
    Raphayo wrote: »
    I will try that tomorrow.

    I just have to replace ^txt by ^uni ?

    Its not quite that simple. The text is sent as ASCII-HEX nibbles. Look up WC_ENCODE and WC_DECODE for built in functions that encode/decode unicode.

    "'^UNI-<variable text address range>,<button states range>,<unicode text>'"

    Set Unicode text. For the ^UNI command (%UN and ^BMF command), the Unicode

    text is sent as ASCII-HEX nibbles.


    SEND_COMMAND <DEV>,"'^UNI-<vt addr range>,<button states range>,<unicode text>'"


    variable text address range = 1 - 4000.

    button states range = 1 - 256 for multi-state buttons

    (0 = All states, for General buttons 1 = Off state and 2 = On state).

    unicode text = Unicode HEX value.


    SEND_COMMAND Panel,"'^UNI-500,1,0041'"

    Sets the button's unicode character to 'A'.

    Note: To send the variable text 'A' in Unicode to all states of the variable text

    button 1, (for which the character code is 0041 Hex), send the following command:

    SEND_COMMAND TP,"'^UNI-1,0,0041'"

    Note: Unicode is always represented in a HEX value. TPD4 generates

    (through the Text Enter Box dialog), unicode HEX values.
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    RaphayoRaphayo Posts: 111
    It cannot be sample always something to give us a programming challenge..
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