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Channel Vision Camera and Dynamic Image

RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior MemberPosts: 373
I need to show the image of a network Channel Vision Camera on 4 iPads with TPControl. I've used Axis cameras for years and they work quite nice, as well as their Axis Severs. But I have to work with the existing Channel Vision Camera (Model 6522). Does anybody know the settings for the AMX TP4 Dynamic Images for the Channel Vision network cameras?



  • davegrovdavegrov Junior Member Posts: 114
    Channel Vision IP ameras


    Any luck with the answer. Trying to setup a Channel Vision 6524 now. Using TP4 to test but not much luck.

  • RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior Member Posts: 373
    No. No luck with this yet. I tried searching online for parameters but found nothing.
  • davegrovdavegrov Junior Member Posts: 114
    Got mine to work


    I finally got the Channel Vision to work.

    I have the 6521 1.3 MP Wall Camera and did a firmware update just to be sure.

    I set mine up on port 8001.

    In TP4 Dynamic Image:

    Name: Door Camera
    Host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8001 (Port)
    Path: leave blank
    File: GetData.cgi?CH=2
    User: Default is admin
    Password: Default is admin
    Refresh 1

    I used Stream 2 at 600x480 with an FPS of 5.

    It serves up slowly so be patient.

    FYI there might be some firmware issues with certain panel types that require a Tech Support Hot Fix. My 5200, 8400 and NXD500i all seem OK.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior Member Posts: 373
    Thanks for posting the settings. I will try them later on this week when I am back in the jobsite.
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