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Panasonic PT-LW330 Projector Power commands

prakashprakash MemberPosts: 33

I am trying to control panasonic projector which is connected to DXLINK HDMI-RX (6004:1:2), where 2 is the DGX-16's system number.

When i am sending these commands:

send_string 6004:1:2,"$02,'PON',$03" //Power ON

send_string 6004:1:2,"$02,'POF',$03" //Power OFF

In FROM STRING of the device i am getting $E4,$E7 or G.

Not able to control the projector.. Does anyone tried any other commands? Do i need to change anything in the projectors menu using remote?



  • Hugh Barker@PVHugh [email protected] Junior Member Posts: 8
    Check that you have setup the correct baud rate. Sometimes the serial strings need a carriage return at the end of the string $0D.
  • mritzmritz Junior Member Posts: 22
    I believe that you are using the wrong baud rate. The older panasonic projectors and as I know all professional models are using 9600,N,8,1. All the newer and consumer models are using 19200,N,8,1.

    Here is what the manual says:


  • prakashprakash Member Posts: 33
    Thanks Markus.. Its working with 19200 baud.
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