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Problem with NI-X100 and NI-X00 after upgrade firmware from 3_60_453 to >

I have a device with on-chip interface IP "Wiznet W3100A". This device connects to NI-3100 (in another project NI-700) over IP standard function IP_CLIENT_OPEN.
Everything worked great, as long as I have not updated from Firmware v3_60_453 to v4_1_404.
After updating Firmware for the controller my device is not connected. The same situation is with the version of Firmware v4_1_373, all other devices are connected, but the device with Wiznet W3100A chip is not connected.
Locally, I was able to solve the problem only return to the version of Firmware v3_60_453 on NI-3100 (NI-700).
Question: what has changed in the process of connecting to the AMX controller IP on Firmware versions above v3_60_453?


  • ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    There is a pretty significant change from v3 to v4 that has a lot to do with duet. I'd check your memory settings and see if you are a little RAM starved. Unless you need the specific things from v4 you really didn't need to migrate from the latest v3
  • AmperumAmperum Posts: 2
    No, nothing to do with the memory of what. Device with chip IP "Wiznet W5000A" works without problems in the same project.
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