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How to reset overloaded mvp-5200i ?

My colleague have managed to upload a heavy program to an mvp-5200i panel, which have made it extremely slow. I am able to navigate to setup menu but I am not able to do system recovery due to heavy load on the unit. (using 10-20 minutes to get into setup menu, buttons react anything between 5 seconds and 2 minutes when pressed, if lucky)

I cannot connect it to network and telnet in as buttons not reacting.

If I get a USB cable, is there a way to factory reset via USB?
Thanks for reply!


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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    By "a heavy program" you probably mean a project you think is too large and it is to blame. How large?. We regularly load and use projects over 30 megabytes on 5200's without this symptom. Something else may be wrong. Let the unit run out the battery, then revive it with a new charge. This will make it reboot, and it might recover.
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    pdabrowskipdabrowski Posts: 184
    I wish the panels had a PRD switch like masters, I've had issues similar to this in the past.

    I was able to overload a CV7 with a 50Meg file, but luckily the firmware picked up there was no memory left and asked if I wanted to delete the user files.

    As John said if you let the panel deplete its battery, or you manage to reboot it you may see the same message I saw. I don't recall if the message was after loading the file from TPD or after a reboot
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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    I've seen panels terminate an upload and complain they were out of memory and some items were not loaded. But the panel still worked.... but indeed was missing pages and images.
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    DraugarDraugar Posts: 27
    Hi guys,
    I am sorry for late respond. I thought I closed this already with a description.

    I managed to get it reset to factory by acting very quick after reboot. If I acted too slow, the panel would become useless again.
    The problem were that I borrowed my testpanel to my coleague who were working with some "#?%&/ G5 stuff, and the result were like a 20 year old computer running Windows vista on a 8080 CPU and five RPM drive. To reboot were no issue, jsut hold the button long enough (if I remember correctly, somewhat over 2 minutes)

    Panel is working like normal now :)
    Thanks anyway! :D
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