RE-DM 6 Radia Eclipse dimmer circuit schematics

ajish.rajuajish.raju chief evangelist of favantePosts: 185
Got an out of warranty unit which keeps throwing out phase error and is not able to controlled. I was thinking if anyone has any idea on schematics so that i can hack the unit and get it back to working state.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 3709 Posts Posts: 4,130
    What error is the unit throwing out specifically? I'm not sure of the laws and code specifications in your part of the world but I know here in the US you'd be flirting with a big lawsuit if you hacked your way around a unit that was throwing those kind of erros and something went wrong. Whenever I hear someone talking about phase miswirings I get a little itchy.

    It may well be improper wiring (not at your end of the copper but somewhere down the line.)
  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,341
    How is it wired? Are you feeding it with a single branch circuit or two (jumper removed)? If two circuits are the two circuits on the same phase as the data sheet drawing indicates? In a single phase 120/240v breaker box opposite phases are side by side where as to supply the device with the same phase requires skipping a breaker like the illustration shows. Typically you don't do this especially if using a multi wire branch circuit to feed the device like a 12/3 (black, red, white, ground) since that can overload the common (neutral, white), opposite phases cancel the neutral current where as same phase would double the neutral current. If you're using a 3 phase electrical system then you need to skip two breakers, at least here in the US, other countries AC distribution differs greatly.

    Of course you also have phase concerns on the load side whether the load requires leading edge or lagging edge dimming (forward or reverse phase), typical the difference between an electronic low voltage dimmer and a magnetic/incandescent dimmer.
  • ajish.rajuajish.raju chief evangelist of favante Posts: 185
    This unit is only for internal training purposes. Right now we have removed all the connections, connected to live power and light bulb for testing purposes. I will update you on the wiring.

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