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Help crahses NSX4

G'day all,

Is anyone else having the issue that when they try to use help in NSX4 it crashes?
It crashes for me >90% of the time.
Very frustrating!!



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    DarksideDarkside Posts: 345
    Nope, no issue here W7Pro..... what flavor of Windows are you burdened with?
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    Hi Mush,

    Yes, I have the same problem (using Windows 10 but I saw this problem with Windows 8.1 as well). Here is my workaround which I know I saw a similar answer in another topic thread,

    1. Using File Explorer, go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\AMX Control Disc\NetLinx Studio 4"
    2. Right- Click on "NetLinx-Keywords.chm" and Left-Click "Send to" and "Desktop (creates shortcut)".
    3. Repeat Step 2 for "NSX.chm"
    4. Repeat Step 2 for "Standard_NetLinx_API.chm"
    5. Close File Explorer.
    6. Whenever I Open NSX4, I open those three help files from the desktop shortcuts and I no longer have the help related crashes.

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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177
    Not to pile on unnecessarily ..
    But, that is one of the major issues I saw when attempting to update to Win 10. I also so NS4 crash in compile quite a bit.
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    PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    Yep. All the time.

    I've made a habit of just referring the NetLinx Language Reference Guide [pdf] as this appears to be kept up to date as some of the new builtin methods have been coming available.
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    GregGGregG Posts: 251
    On the help in Win 10, for me it was fine for F1 on highlighted word in code, but other stuff crashed it.

    However, checking it today, I can't get it to crash for any reason. Even using the search function from inside help seems OK, and that used to be a 100% crash for me.

    Maybe a recent update (possibly in windows itself) fixed it?
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