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Samsung TV on RS-232

I have two Samsung 65UNj Tv's on the exlink RS-232. Both of the TV's turn on (command 08-22-00-00-00-01-d4) so I know I have cabling correct, port address etc, but neither TV turns off. Tried both the 08-22-00-00-00-02-d5 and the 00-d6 power toggle). How can I have control for one command and not the other? Even tried putting the on into the off button on the Tp to make sure I hadn't made a simple mistake in the TP.
Made sure there was no source connected, swapped RS-232 ports between left and right but always only turn on, not turn off.


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    You may have to send the command twice, I do not have the protocol, but sometimes the command is required a second time. Post the protocol and we can verify if you can't find it.
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    GregGGregG Posts: 251
    I have slightly different commands in my last samsung code file:
    $08,$22,$00,$00,$00,$01,$D5 = Off
    $08,$22,$00,$00,$00,$02,$D6 = On

    I also have a $13 tacked on the end of the power on command out of mostly superstition - it apparently once helped wake the tv up more reliably for someone (and it doesn't seem to hurt anything).
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    tdewildtdewild Posts: 49
    Try these:

    Power Toggle = "$08,$22,$00,$00,$00,$00,$D6"

    Power Off = "$08,$22,$00,$00,$00,$01,$D5"

    Power On = "$08,$22,$00,$00,$00,$02,$D4"

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    locknarlocknar Posts: 30
    thank you for the responses, I tried the D5 off the D6 toggle and I tried sending twice but still same results. Both Tvs turn on, but not off. For now I have also programmed the switcher to go to an unused input and they power save to "OFF" after 15 minutes. But the mystery remains.
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    colin@ITScolin@ITS Posts: 8
    Did you update the firmware? I've had no response to the off command(w/ different control system) until the firmware was updated...
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    feddxfeddx Posts: 175
    Along these lines, does anyone have a full protocol guide for these displays? I have the command set I garnered from the interwebz, but I would like the actual full Serial/EX-IN API.

    This line of Samsungs are probably the worst displays I've worked with on many fronts in over a decade.

    Thank you.

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    cmasoncmason Posts: 123
    Here is what I have for Samsung Ex-Link protocol.
    I don't know who authored it though. It's worked well for me so far.
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