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SVSI Control and Switching

Dear All,
I'm a little confused with SVSI devices control and switching. I have the below scenario :
A DGX controller with ASB audio switching card adjusts some areas volume level independently. One of these areas has an SVSI decoder which receives a streaming video from a managed network switch and also controls a local display from its serial port. There are also 3-4 sources connected to SVSI encoders.
What we'd like to do is to switch these sources to the display but also to control the area volume level. What kind of UI should we use in this area ?

Should we use only an N-Control panel for making the switching between the encoders and decoders ? Can this panel send commands to DGX for the volume control as well ?
If we use a Metreau Keypad ( Ethernet series ) - connected to DGX - can we make the SVSI switching ?

So as a global question :
Can an N-Control panel send commands to an AMX controller ?
Can an AMX panel ( keypad, modero, etc ) send commands to SVSI devices ( eg. video switching ) through an AMX master controller ? Should we use - for example - an SC-N8001 N-Controller to translate to SVSI commands?



  • sling100sling100 Junior Member Posts: 104
    The easiest way to control the SVSI devices is via IP using a Netlinx processor. Just open a connection on port 50002 to each receiver and then send either 'set:x' (video) or 'seta:x' (audio) where x is the stream number of the transmitter you wish to connect to. The N-Control panel (AFAIK) is only needed where a Netlinx processor isn't used.

    API docs are here


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    Not that it helps you now, but as of the next batch of SVSi coming out, they'll be Netlinx Native. So, you'll just control them like any other netlinx swticher as well as be able to easily use the rs232 and IR ports.
  • Dennis E.Dennis E. DeTeK AB Posts: 27
    Does anyone know what port and protocol this STATUS is sent to?

    Unsolicited Status

    Send Status Address

  • Dennis E.Dennis E. DeTeK AB Posts: 27
    Dennis E. wrote: »
    Does anyone know what port and protocol this STATUS is sent to?

    Unsolicited Status

    Send Status Address

    I just found it.
    Port 50005, UDP
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