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Hey All!

Does anyone have any experience controlling the BSS BLU-103, specifically the VoIP dialing functionality?

I have to adjust the stock BSS Include file to work with VoIP (as currently it only supports the analog dialer) and am having tons of difficulty working with and understanding the BSS Include which is not very user-friendly at all. Volume controls are fine but dialing is giving me headaches! To exacerbate the issue, I don't have a VoIP server to test against so most of what I'm doing is just conjecture at this point.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    I am currently working on a module for it. I'll keep y'all posted.
  • nicolaunicolau Junior Member Posts: 28
    A couple of months ago I was in touch with BSS support and they sent me an AXW that works really well if you already understood how the BSS module works. I am having others difficulties with BLU-103 with regard to registering it on the PBX, but that is another story.
    On their message you could read: 1) It's not perfect yet, 2) The help file is not updated for the .axi; 3) Most everything everything needed on the VoIP card can be controlled from there, 4) The strings for the speed dial name/number are not finished in axi yet, 5) Also, when subscribing to the Caller ID field on the VoIP card, it acts like a meter and will continually send a response, maybe you should treat that.
    As far as I could test it, it is working well. Understanding the module (with the help file and a good read on the netlinx files) is worth a try and will save you time. Since this was sent by their support I am sharing here.
  • davidgdavidg ... Posts: 16
    Thanks Nicolau! I'll take a look at your attachment. Pressed for time, I ended up putting together my own NetLinx module. Still needs to be tested so I'm sure I'll have tweaks to make. If it ends up working, I'll post it for others to use if needed.
  • beardsbytesbeardsbytes Junior Member Posts: 1
    I wrote this module a little while ago working closely with a couple of the BSS support guys I know personally although it is not the same one as was posted by nicolau. It will cover most VoIP dialer use cases and is very easy to use by passing in just a handful of parameters in the DEFINE_MODULE statement and then programming all the touch panel channels to match what is programmed in the module. It then takes care of all the subscriptions and feedback with almost no extra programming.

    Feel free to download it. It is very much a work in progress so if you do try it out PLEASE let me know if you find any errors or have any suggestions for improvement. I will work on sprucing up the documentation soon, but for now there is a basic spreadsheet with a list of send_commands that can be used and an example program. Disclaimer: the touch panels are awful as I was not going for finesse, just for something I could test really quickly.

  • JubalJubal Junior Member Posts: 77
    Do you have module of this for two dialler or 2 Blu 103.
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