Hi everyone.
I'm a newbie and I have to configure two ICSLAN modules.

I tried to connect them on a NX 4200 ICSlan ports and I tried to re-configure the netports as shown in the manual, but the ip address class won't change once the parameters are saved (don't know why).

I launch from telnet set ICSLAN and complete all the infos the system asks, but once rebooted, it switches to a network address which brings to nothing...

So i decided to patch them directly to the ethernet and assigned static ip's to both and I try from the netlinx studio to control the device: I can send the LED-EN and LED-DIS command, but I can't switch ON or OFF the channels!!

All the fisical cabling are done and I tested all the relays, which work correctly, but I can't use the EXB channels from Code.

Anyone can give me a hint on how to "code" that?



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