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itismyworlditismyworld Junior MemberPosts: 68
This may be a stupid question...

When you add a dynamic image to a panel (like a CCTV MJPEG to TPControl); does the stream constantly update in the background or does it only update while the video window with the stream is active?

If it does constantly run; is there a way to kill the stream while not viewing?

Thanks all!


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    You may want to move this question over to the TP Control section of the forum. They do monitor it pretty well. They may also see it here. But, you're better bet is over in that section. It's a good question.
  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,549
    TPControl follows the AMX processes for most things, this one included. The refresh for dynamic images is set in TPDESIGN. You can set for only refresh once, on display (when the button first appears), or on a timed basis while displayed. It will NOT refresh while the button is not on display. These are found on the RESOURCES tab for dynamic images. The HELP in TPDESIGN explains it all well.
  • itismyworlditismyworld Junior Member Posts: 68
    Yes, the help file does it explain it. However, when refresh rate is 0, this is "to allow the image to update automatically based on the source?s refresh rate".
    Now then, when you have a URL such as a camera stream, it is essentially always "Refreshing".
    The help file does not say what is actually happening in the background. If your URL is constantly refreshing, is the panel still getting hit with that data in the background? If you say it doesn't John than that's good.

    I came across this because I am trying to get a FLIR Digimerge IP Camera video to multiple panels. It works great on the TPControl panel. However, it does not work at all on an older NXT-1200VG panel. In fact when I try to get the URL on that panel, it actually crashed the camera. Which made me wonder about what happens in the background when multiple panels try to stream the same URL direct from a cheapo IP camera.
  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,549
    When a dynamic image is not currently displayed, there is no traffic. "Automatic" refresh depends on the source sending a refresh message. It's just like a browser. When you aren't connected (button displayed), a web site isn't updating your closed browser.

    TPC expands a number of covered protocols in video above and beyond what AMX panels (particularly the ancient ones) can do. So what you report is not a surprise. It is not likely the multiple connections, but if you think it is, stop connecting anything but the 1200 and see.
  • itismyworlditismyworld Junior Member Posts: 68
    Thanks for the FB John, I appreciate it! Yea tried that and it didn't crash the cam but it still doesn't work. Enough time spent on it. Time for an upgrade I reckon.
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