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NX3200 Crashing Java / Duet error hs_err_pid1279.txt


I have a NX3200 that keeps crashing and creates a file "hs_err_pid1279.txt" or "hs_err_pid1289.txt"
any ideas whats causing this?



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    Andrew, I see a couple of support cases that reference hs_err_pid and the resolution suggests reloading master firmware. There is likely a corruption of the java elements, or there is a possibility of a corrupted SD card. In the case of a card failure, that would require you to replace the card.
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    The processor has just come back from hungry it was RMA'ed and they have said they have replaced the SD card but still the same problem. Its still in warranty. I have reloaded the master firmware but still happens
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    I'm having they dame issue, I've reload the Master firmware, I'm going yo change the SD memory, is there any specification for the memory? After changing the SD what else I need yo do? Reload the Master firmware?
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    Simply inserting a blank SD card will not work - it must have the same files as a clean/working NX3200. I strongly suggest you contact technical support to see if they have updated guidance since the original post in 2017.

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    edited December 2020

    I've not done it recently, but a few years back, we found that swapping or creating a new clone SD card in an NIx100 altered the NI serial number. Just in case that matters to any licensed software you use! (TP Control site license, CineTouch, likely some others.)

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