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Kramer protocol 3000

cristibadcristibad Junior MemberPosts: 69
Hi Guys,

i have a problem with kramer protocol 3000.
I get the feedback but impossible to have commands working.
Please advise!

Example of command:

send_string dvkramer,"'#AV 3>4',13"

Thank you!



  • fogled@mizzou[email protected] h4x354x0r Posts: 549
    Try #VID instead of #AV
  • cristibadcristibad Junior Member Posts: 69
    not working...
  • zack.boydzack.boyd Smacks Keyboard Repeatedly Posts: 94
    I've never used decimals instead of hex. Not saying it doesn't work, but what happens if you use $0d instead of 13?

  • cristibadcristibad Junior Member Posts: 69
    solved! when using the command in terminal didn't work. assigning them to a button works perfect!
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