Font for "Control a Device"

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Trying to run NSX on a Surface tablet that has a high resolution. I've been able to configure fonts in much of NSX to be legible but the font in the "Messages to Send" window of "Control a Device" is still font for ants (tiny).

Anyone know of a way to change this? I'm sure there are other places in Studio that are affected but this is the main one I have a problem with now.



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    Sorry for jumping on an old thread.
    I am interested to know what version you posted above. Is it the version 4.4.1626
    I am having odd issues with a Lenovo X1 Extreme 4K Touch.
    Formatting dynamically changes as I cursor through line with insertion point not necessarily being where cursor is.
    I have tried various Win10 solutions via compatibility tab for High DPI scaling settings, but no joy
    Any help would be appreciated

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