Font for "Control a Device"

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Trying to run NSX on a Surface tablet that has a high resolution. I've been able to configure fonts in much of NSX to be legible but the font in the "Messages to Send" window of "Control a Device" is still font for ants (tiny).

Anyone know of a way to change this? I'm sure there are other places in Studio that are affected but this is the main one I have a problem with now.



  • HARMAN_quirkHARMAN_quirk Harman Professional Tech Support Posts: 23
  • rhillsrhills Member Posts: 4

    Sorry for jumping on an old thread.
    I am interested to know what version you posted above. Is it the version 4.4.1626
    I am having odd issues with a Lenovo X1 Extreme 4K Touch.
    Formatting dynamically changes as I cursor through line with insertion point not necessarily being where cursor is.
    I have tried various Win10 solutions via compatibility tab for High DPI scaling settings, but no joy
    Any help would be appreciated

  • sling100sling100 Junior Member Posts: 98

    Hey Kyle - any chance you can repost the link? I'm using 4.4.1626 and it's pretty much unsuable above 1080p resolution. TP4 suffers from the same issues, but not as badly.



  • HARMAN_quirkHARMAN_quirk Harman Professional Tech Support Posts: 23

    @rhills and @sling100, this version is build 1831 and addresses a number of issues in Studio, see download here:

  • sling100sling100 Junior Member Posts: 98

    Thanks @HARMAN_quirk - it even fixes the custom_event crash, which is excellent news. As an aside for anyone else using a 4K screen the way to get it to work correctly is to change the 'properties' 'compatability' 'high dpi' setting for the .exe file to 'system (enhanced)'. This fixed not only NS4 but TP4 and TP5 as well.


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