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Controll an existing DM-MD16X16


I have an Install i need to upgrade to an AMX Controll system with an existing DM-MD16X16 video Matrix.

Has someone controlled already some experience with controlling one of them ? i found no commands in the usermanual.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards


  • JasonSJasonS If I had known it was going to be that kind of party... Posts: 229
    It is entirely possible to control a DM Switch via Telnet, i think port 23 and 41794 both work. DM will report "offline" status unless you can find some deeper protocol info. It has been awhile since I did it on a regular basis, but reports from the field indicate these systems still work well. Don't remember where I came across the commands, i think they are on Crestron Labs forum. I even managed to get RS232 passthru to endpoints working, however it messes with Toolbox connections to the endpoint.

    The other thing a lot of people do is use a small Crestron master and write a small program to handle an RS232 or IP connection from the AMX master to control the DM.
  • MLaletasMLaletas Junior Member Posts: 226

    Not true, or at least not documented widely, here is a snippet that I copied from another medium:

    Set AVUROUTE [inputSlot] [outputSlot] for A/V/USB, SetAVROUTE [I] [o] for A/V only, SETVIDEOROUTE, SETAUDIOROUTE.
    1- This doesn't update the front panel status and isn't intended for normal operation
    2- The output SLOT number, not the output number, e.g. output 1 on a 8x8, 16x16 is 17 IIRC
    3- Input 0 can be used to route no input to an output

  • eberhard.marcoeberhard.marco Junior Member Posts: 2

    Thanks guys :wink: !

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