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2300 series decoder/N-able issue

I have contacted tech support and stumped all three engineers trying to help me, i still am looking for a solution. :s

We are deploying several hundred decoders and several dozen encoders. I am using a .CSV file that i exported from N-able to create my master batch file. at first I am trying to just do small batches just to verify everything is loading correctly.

The IP info, Name, and almost everything is loading fine and making my life so much easier to batch upload the settings to all my devices within seconds. BUT a few items will not load for me, the DNS Server 1 and DNS server 2 and the Manual DNS button just will not populate.

has anyone seem this before or any one willing to try on their equipment just to see if its just me or is this a bug i found? This is what my file looks like for the DNS settings.


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