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network problem. DGX 32x32 broadcast two ip adress

ngueugangngueugang Posts: 1
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hello ,i have a problem with a dgx 32x32 matrix. we discover that the matrix broadcast 2 ip adresse.
the main ip that we initialy configure was x.y.z.81 when pinging matrix we have another adresse x.y.z.2 . connection by telnet give the result that it is the main CPU card . how can i clear one of the two ip adress just to keep one ip (x.y.z.81)
how can i remplace the CPU card of the DGX 32x32?
Thank in advance for your answer


  • ernestmusseriiiernestmusseriii Technician Posts: 3

    Hopefully someone with more experience will give you a detailed answer, but just be sure you're not actually looking at the ICS Lan IP address when you're telneting in. If you change that 192.18 adress, you will lose control of the switcher dev 5002.

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