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Vibe Microphone(s)

I'm needing to add a conference table type microphone to my Acendo Vibe setup. Does AMX offer anything tailored to this environment besides the standard boundry mics offered by AKG, etc.


  • Not particularly. The CBL mic from AKG was released as the conferencing table mic for the modern conference room. The Vibe is not designed to have a secondary mic attached. The built-in mic array generally covers decent sized rooms. Do you have a stand-alone DSP that can ingest multiple mic feeds?

  • i can, but was trying to avoid that. we love the vibe but it's at the end of long (20') conference table and just not quite doing the job microphone wise. from a speaker standpoint it's fine and all are happy. just looking to decrease the proximity between speaker (talker) and microphone.

  • Is it possible to cascade a couple of the CBL141's and input to the audio aux in ?

  • It was not designed for this use case and I do not think you will have a positive outcome without a DSP.

  • Thanks for the input. BTW, of the 4 units that i have of these, we've had problems with 3 of them with audio stopping in the middle of zoom calls and not being able to re-establish audio even with restarting the call. Is there a firmware update or something that i'm missing ? These all run on macs that range from high sierra to catalina.


  • There are firmware updates -
    On the product page, there is Version: v3.1.2 (10/23/2018)
    On the support page, there is Version: v3.1.12 (03/18/2019)

  • CHUMCHUM Posts: 3

    Is it possible to increase the microphone gain? Just 6 feet from the soundbar the microphone lacks gain.


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