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Been 17 years with IR Edit...

Can we just get a new software to handle IR Files? Preferably one written for an OS in the last decade?

It is such an annoying pain in the butt. Yes it runs on some Windows 10 PCs and not others, but WHY does a piece of software need to be so difficult to install, operate, and maintain? Especially when it used so infrequently?

For the last decade or so there have been posts littering the forum about problems installing IR Edit on Winnoze 7, 8, 10, and now 11.

Even if it's the esteemed Eric Medley (ericmedley) solution, Let's do something about this (You are still missed madman):

"I just installed it on my Windoze 10 machine using "XP Service Pack 2" compatiblity mode. It seems to work and all the usual functions behave. (No crashes yet)
I tried copy/paste of IR channels as well as copy/paste hex from my USB IR Capture device.
All seems to wirk.

IREdit is one of those apps that I don't seem to use much nowadays. But, when you do need it it's a bear since there is really no other way to get IR into a machine.

I realize that AMX probably doesn't want to spend a ton of resources on such an old piece of software. But, for heaven's sake, at least give us the ability to send a command from Netlinx directly to the IR port to send the hex values of the IR File. I don't mind managing them in code."


  • You should report this to Harman Technical Support directly. The more TSC numbers they get about this, the higher it should come in priority.

    The tool itself is not that bad, and got also installed on Win11 with some tweaks, but at least it should be recompiled to get away from that stoneold .NET 1.1 requirement.

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 516

    Stay tuned...

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