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DVX switching for noobs

Hi guys!
I'm very new to programming, mostly installing and commissioning systems. Have been given some old gear to use at home including a DVX 3250HD and a MT1002 TP.
I'm trying to switch DVX sources between hdmi input 5, 6, 7, all to hdmi output 1.
I've tried a couple different ways of programming this but I can't get it working so far.
See below an example trying to use TP button 3 to switch input 5 to output 1, I'm converting these numbers to ascii, correct?

Anyone who can see what I'm doing wrong here?


dvTP = 10001:1:0 // MT1002

dvSwitcher = 5002:1:0 // DVX Switcher


button_event[dvTP, 3]
send_string dvSwitcher,"'CL0I53O49T'"


  • robin89robin89 Posts: 2

    Ok I found my mistake by looking into some old code that was using a DVX.
    Following fixed it:
    send_command dvDVX, "'CLVIDEOI', itoa(nDVXinput), 'O', itoa(nDVXoutput)"

    It seems like I needed to add VIDEO after CL in stead of 0, also use send_command in stead of send_string. Different than what I saw in the netlinx online tutorials. Would this be DVX specific? Anyway this issue is solved :)

  • CLVIDEO... will only switch the video level. CLAUDIO... the Audio. If you want switch both, use CLALL...

    Short commands are VI... AI... CI...

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