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Matrix Audio S4.8 Questions

  1. Can I please get he RS 232 Manual?
  2. Super long shot does anyone have a C4 driver for it?
  3. Can I use MRC8 Keypads with the S4 stuff?


  • S-series RS232 is attached. I am not confident the MRC keypads will work with the S-series controllers because they have historically been matched to the controller. I began using the product line starting with the MRC series and have no experience with the older S-series. MRC keypads worked with MRC but not MI. MI came at the point of AMX acquisition and MI keyads worked with Tango. I have used MRC, Mi, and my current solution is Tango.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,733

    The serial protocol shared by Chris above (for the S series) is carried through all the way to the Tango. We've supported each with the same command set.
    Two notes of import:

    • The unit takes up to three minutes after power-up before it responds to commands. Be patient.
    • You MUST exit the front panel control display for anything on the serial port to be read. It turns off the serial port when you use the front controls (if any!)
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