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TPD Conversion for MVP

At the moment,
the TPD Conversion from MVP8400 to MVP7500 and viceversa does not copy the Page Flip configuration.

It would be a new smart feature to add in the next TPD4 releases



  • TPD Conversion for MVP - correct

    I am sorry ...

    I meant PAGE FLIP Configuration of the External Buttons
  • Just to give some insight, this behavior was intentional. Back in the days of G3 touch panels, most panels that had external buttons had "non-specific" buttons. What I mean by this, is that there were no cursor control buttons like on the MVPs, just a column of buttons on the left of the screen and one on the right. So, when TPDesign4 did panel-to-panel conversion, it simply preserved as many external buttons as were common between the panel types.

    The external buttons on G4 panels changed our thinking a little bit, as the first panels to have these were the MVPs and the NXD-CV7. The MVP's have 4 "non-specific" buttons on the left, with no button LEDs; and 5 cursor style buttons on the right. The NXD-CV7 has six "non-specific" buttons, three on either side of the setup/sensor button, and all with LEDs tied to them for feedback purposes. So, as you can see, taking the functions from an MVP's external buttons and assigning them to a NDX-CV7's, or vice-versa, would not make sense. In fact, it would probably require as much work changing the copied settings as it would to just re-setup the external buttons.

    All that being said, it is certainly a good suggestion that we recognize that the MVP-8400 and MVP-7500 share the same external button configuration and allow their settings to be carried over on a panel type conversion. We will add it to our TPDesign4 feature request list.
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