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TPDesing 4 Paste to multiple buttons.

Has anyone else seen this..... If you select more buttons and from Button Properties try to change for all (buttons) Channel Port or Paste something like Fill Color, Bitmap, Font ?? only the last button selected gets changed and the other buttons remains the same.

I will like to change Properties for selected buttons .

I am using TPDesign 4 ver. 2.3.Built 319 under Win XP.

Previous I had an older Laptop with Win 98 , TPDesing 2.2 and this was working fine.

There is any setup in TPDesign 4 for this?



  • Have you got Apply To All (found in the edit menu) selected?

    This allows you to apply changes to all the buttons you have highlighted.
  • Thanks

    Works this way.
  • Just a tidbit to add on the 'Apply To All' setting in the Properties control: With it on, it is not only a very quick way to set General and Programming property values across multiple buttons, but also State properties. When multiple buttons are selected, the General and Programming items shown represent the intersection of properties and their values. The individual State properties represent the same, but the actual States listed represent the highest state count among the selected buttons. So, setting a property in Off/State 1 group will change that in the Off/State 1 on all buttons. If you had a State 10 group visible, changing a property in it would affect only those buttons selected that had at least 10 states. Plus, the All States group works just like it would on a single button. Setting a value there will propogate it to all states on all selected buttons.

    With 'Apply To All' off, operation is much like that in TPDesign3, where you and use Prev and Next to cycle through the selected buttons and set their properties individually. But here's a "power-user" tip for using this in conjunction with TPDesign4's Quick Input feature (found in the Edit->Quick Input menu). Let's say you want to set the channel codes for all the buttons on a page, but don't want to use Power Assign because you have specific codes that you need. First select the buttons that you want to set and ensure 'Apply To All' is on (Ctrl+Shift+A). Next, set the Channel Port property in the Programming tab to give them all the same port number. Next, select, but don't edit the Channel Code item. Turn off 'Apply To All' (Ctrl+Shift+A), and set your Quick Input to Current Property. This will cause your keyboard input to go directly into the Channel Code property. Plus, you can use Alt+Left and Alt+Right to navigate through the selected buttons. So, with a minimum of keystrokes, and with your hand never leaving the keyboard, you can set the channel codes for all the buttons on a page.
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