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CD Music Server

funkyskierfunkyskier Junior MemberPosts: 48
Integra has discontinued their line of Network Audio Servers. Does anyone have any feedback on Essient or ReQuest product. I took a look at the request N series, looks like it will work fine for most of my applications, but I dont see a module particular to that product.


  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated Programmer Posts: 1,917
    We use the Escient product because the interface is much more visually appealing than the Request (in our opinion). The integration of the Fireball is a little cumbersome if you have to customize any of the code, but if you stick with the code that Escient provides on their website you'll be fine.

    I have not had any experience, but I hear the comm protocol for the Request is a little easier to deal with if you need to write your own code, but I believe there are also modules prewritten for that unit as well. Both products have been around for a while and in my opinion it's like asking if you prefer Ford or Chevy.

  • youstrayoustra Junior Member Posts: 135
    We like Axonix.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    The Escient is solid, though I have yet to see a NetLinx module that performed 100% as I would like for it (including my own - it became too time-intensive to continue when Escient was actively developing their own). Not that any media server module is what I would consider perfect, and that includes the MAX and various iPod doc modules. That said, the Escient module does work, and is acceptable, if not perfect.

    I must add that I greatly prefer the MAX, but I feel it is too highly priced for a large part of the market.
  • GSLogicGSLogic Original Member Posts: 562
    I prefer the Audio Request. I did rebuild the module to my liking but, you are able to get album cover art and it have a que feature for loading albums/artist/etc. With the small unit F2 you get two output zones of audio.
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