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Interfacing Extron MLC-206 with AMX-NI 3000

Hi guys,

I'm a newbie to amx programming seeking assistance on interfacing an Extron MLC-206 with the AMX controller to perform switching (Kramer Vp23xI) and volume control (AXB-Vol3).

The Extron MLC-206 is RS-232 wired to the AMX-NI3000 and the switcher RS-232 to the AMX Controller. I've programmed the NI & MVP-7500 to control & switch the required devices. However, i'm clueless about the MLC.

How to programme using NetLinx Language to perform the following:

1. MLC-206 communicate with the AMX-NI to switch the Kramer VGA output when e.g. computer input is selected.

3. Extron Volume control communicate with AXB-Vol3.

2.when MLC-206 button is selected, it feedbacks to the MVP-7500 button.

Appreciate the assistance.



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    The MLC is really designed as a turnkey solution of its own and as I understand it, not meant to interface with others as such. I don't quite see how it fits in if you already have an AMX control system...

    I have used many of the bigger flavour units and understand them quite well, but never had the need to apply AMX integration to them, so I offer my thoughts based on my knowledge of both platforms.

    I must say I would be a bit concerned about the overall behavior you can achieve with this setup - assuming I fully understand your design and anticipated control scenario....


    The MLC system is designed to have strings embedded in it for controlling a display, but I don't believe there is any way for you to send strings back to it to control its sources.

    It IS a bi-directional port - as there is definately dialog between the display and controller when a file is installed - it does work out cool down cycles etc. but you will have no way of modifying what the MLC actualy does when it receives a command.

    An idea for partial integration.

    If the MLC is your primary control point, perhaps you could imbed a serial file (as one would normally do) with a reasonably simplisitic protocol (say Pioneer) and then instead of a display on the end of it you put the NI, and trap the strings it sends using its serial port.

    Each source button on the MLC has the ability to issue a serial string (to change from CV to RGB etc), so I guess trapping these outbound packets wouldn't be too hard. Once trapped via an NI data_event, you could then obviously execute chunks of your NI code to the control Kramer.V.Kramer switcher, etc.

    What this idea will not allow is updating the MLC if your 7500 is used.

    Volume. I can't see any way you can use the digital fader with the AMX Vol box, except to hop on the Extron serial buss and try and crack the code for volume changes that it would normally send to the seperate switcher unit

    Hope this helps a bit
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    Thank you for helpful advice Mr Bolton.

    Yes, the MLC will be the primary controller given the scenario of which the lecturer will select the inputs projected to the students. The 7500 will be in the control room for the technical staff.

    Attached is a partial script from my predecessor who had previously interface the MLC-206 in Axcess language for an older project. The principal idea to do this remains the same be it in Axcess or Netlinx. Finding the strings seems the way to do this. Define_call subroutines, data_event were used...exactly as u've suggest.

    Pardon me for my incomptency at this moment with Netlinx, I'm trying to convert this method from Axcess language to Netlinx language using the button.input.channel & data.device and other Netlinx functions for this project.

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    Hi Joe,

    <Attached is a partial script from my predecessor who had previously interface the MLC-206 in Axcess language for an older project.>

    From the snippet of code, it is clear that NetLinx is the platform he coded this in not AXcess. Data_Event is not part of the Axcess language. Maybe I've missed something here..is this your code, not his?

    Clearly the Extron buss is being used and looks quite straightforward. As I said, I have not hooked an MLC to AMX so I have not had to play with the protocol, but regarding volume, it would appear that a value is also returned with 'Vol', and is currently processed with the MLC_VOLUME call your predecessor wrote.

    Looks to me like you are on the right track...
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    Hi Mr Bolton,

    Yes that is his script and it worked for the MLC with AMX. He picked up the Axcess language first, so when the NextLinx was introduced, inherently his script would be a mixture of Axcess & Netlinx methodology. However, his scripts never used netlinx's reserved functions e.g. button.input.channel functions which is more effecient.

    Thanks for your help. I think i've figured it out. Thanks for the brainstorming.

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    My pleasure Joe,

    Good luck!
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