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Extron MLC 104 IP AAP

Has someone experience with the above unit? Is it just using the Extron SIS protocol on network?

Application is 3 rooms which can be combined. Every room has some AV equipment and one of that Extron panels.

As long as the rooms are separated, the AV equipent of each single room is controlled from the Extron panel located in that room.

If the rooms are combined, the Extron panel of the 1st room should be "switched" to an AMX master as an input device, and the AMX master now controls the equipment of room 1 and some additional stuff. Panels of room 2 and 3 should be "disabled"

I never had such an Extron device, so any ideas are welcome.

Kind regards,


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    JoeJoe Posts: 99
    Hi Mark,
    I used one of these on a C
    system. Basically, the Extron will send strings out the 232 port each time a button is pressed or the volume knob is turned. The SIS in the manual is exactly what comes out (SwPrs*1,SwPrs*2, VolUp,VolDn, etc.). Capture these strings in a buffer and use that data to control the AMX program.

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    yuriyuri Posts: 861
    if you ask your local extron headquarters, they will give you some more info on the SIS protocol. Isn't there an AMX module for controling Extron devices?
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    I believe Marc is trying to do this over IP - not RS232 - and as such might use slightly different command strings & responses... I have yet to control any Extron gear over IP, nor have I looked at the manual for this particular box, so I can't say 100% either way.

    - Chip
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    yuriyuri Posts: 861
    i have controlled Extron's IPLTS4 (4 port rs232 thing) through an IP connection, using AMX' module for an IPLSFI244 (some commands)
    Worked pretty good, but i couldn't get the feedback from the device i was controlling...
    I have no experience with using an MLC unit for AMX control :)
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