Downloaded this from the InConcert site two Fridays ago to get a Fujitsu plasma that we installed temporarily to work. Really only wanted simple functions.

Here's the comm file module definition in the main.axs:
DEFINE_MODULE 'Fujitsu_P42HHA30_Comm' DuetCode(vdvDEVICE, dvDEVICE)
This is the comm file contained in the zip. Doesn't match!
Ok, changed the file name of the .jar to that of the module definition. Now it compiled but nothing really works. Now I don't recall if it even power on and off work but I would assume it didn't because that's really all I wanted. A few buttons did work though.

This was Friday afternoon and I wanted to get this up and running for the weekend when the homeowners were expexted to be up from Manhatton. That didn't happen (the up and running part). So for the rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday I got to write the attached.

I didn't have time to get crazy w/ a seperate comm module and set up a virtual to pass commands so there's a combination UI/Comm module but here it is if any body wants it.

Note: changed zip filename to avoid confusion w/ Danny's


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