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NEC-VT676 module

This is my first time using a module, from what I'm told I can load the NEC_Projector_Main code and it should run without any changes. I compiled the NEC_Projector_Main and corrected some minor errors then loaded it into a NI2000 and modero panel. Everything loaded fine but I don't see any button pushes and Tx Rx on the RS-232 port of the NI

Could some get me pointed in the right direction




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    NMarkRobertsNMarkRoberts Posts: 455
    Could you post the code for the module instance in the mainline and all of the stuff you pass through it, along with the instructions from the manual?
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    KouyaKouya Posts: 60
    Heres the exported example from files to go
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    NMarkRobertsNMarkRoberts Posts: 455
    My best guess about not seeing button pushes is that you haven't set the touchpanel device to the number assumed in the code - 10001.

    Quoting the manual:
    To interface to the AMX NEC_Projector_Comm_dr1_0_0.jar module, the programmer must perform the following steps:
    1. Define the device ID for the video projector that will be controlled.
    2. Define the virtual device ID that the NEC projector COMM module will use to communicate with the main program and User Interface. Duet virtual devices use device numbers 41000 - 42000.
    3. If a touch panel interface is desired, a touch panel file NEC_Projector.TP4 and some component-oriented UI modules have been created for testing.
    4. The Duet NEC projector module must be included in the program with a DEFINE_MODULE command. This command starts execution of the module and passes in the following key information: the device ID of the video projector to be controlled, and the virtual device ID for communicating to the main program.

    I note that you have changed vdvVProj from 41001 to 34001 and relied upon dynamic device discovery instead of explicitly assigning it as in the instructions. I don't know about Duet or this feature so my best advice would be to follow the manual's instructions instead.

    I'd guess (without Duet knowledge) that you don't see any serial activity because the comms module instance in the mainline is commented out. I note it is like that in the downloaded code also.

    A common misunderstanding is that AMX modules are intended to be installed as is. I imagine this is actually very rare. Since direct control of a projector by the user is generally not desirable, the big complex UI which comprises most of the code supplied is not very useful, except for testing, debugging or illustrating how to use the module.

    The gold is the comms module, which you integrate into your own code structure. Then borrow from the UI code the bits and pieces you might need for your UI - possibly nothing.
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    Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    Kouya wrote:
    I compiled the NEC_Projector_Main and corrected some minor errors then loaded it into a NI2000 and modero panel. Everything loaded fine but I don't see any button pushes and Tx Rx on the RS-232 port of the NI
    If you use the project on the AMX web site and just uncomment the Comm DEFINE_MODULE on line 181 it should work right out of the box with the included GUI. (I don?t have any idea why it would have been commented out to begin with, it?s useless without it.) I don?t have a projector to test against but I do see strings getting sent out the comm port and I?m getting variable text back to the TP. So I don?t know if it?s working correctly but it is doing something.

    I believe the minor errors you corrected were not errors. As NMarkRoberts noted you changed vdvVProj from 41001 to 34001. You need to use 41001 because that is in the DUET virtual device range, 34001 is not.

    And the reason you are not seeing button pushes is because you changed dvTP = 10001:45:0 to dvTP = 10001:1:0. The TP4 file is using port 45 for all the buttons so you?ll never see a port 1 button push.

    And one last clue is when you load the project you posted only one tkn file gets transferred to the master. When you use a DUET module you will see at least a half dozen files get loaded into the master and they are pretty hefty in size. The sample project with the one comm module transfers over 2 Meg of data to the master.

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    KouyaKouya Posts: 60
    Thanks for all your inputs, this is my first program and module, I only need basic control (on/off and source select) of the projector, lift and screen. What I was doing is try to understand how the module work since AMX had one available. It seems the fastest way is to write straight code for the basic functions and not try to make a module work

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    sethollesetholle Posts: 66
    Nec module

    I have found that the last few modules for nec,have been very bad.
    Easier just to use the plain old serial codes.
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