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Account permissions

I've now got Meeting Manager (v3.0.26) ready to deploy and am allowing access to it for other staff memebers. I have an issue with how the permissions are set for various user roles. In my case I've created a "Technician" role. They have the following permissions:
Global System Permissions
 Manage Users = no
 Configuration Settings = no
 Manager Systems = no

Room Level Permissions
 Logging & Reporting = yes
 Manager Control Functions = yes
 Manager Rooms = yes
 Access Other Users' Appointments = no
 Scheduling = no
My main issue is with the Logging & Reporting option. If it is disabled the Lamp Hour & Source Usage widgets do not get populated with data. (They can still access the data, but have to dig down through SystemStatus->RoomName->Devices to get the data.) If on the other hand L&R is enabled, then the technicians also have permission to delete log entries. I've had to enable it so the LH & SU Dashboard widgets work.

I would like to see the Logging & Reporting option split into two seperate items. (Perhaps "Reporting" and "Log File Editing".) This would allow the widgets to work without providing write (or delete) access to log file entries.

Failing that, a permission model that supports None/ReadOnly/ReadWrite access would probably also work. I'd be fine with managing the extra complexity of such a change, but I can't speak for the whole RMS community.

Roger McLean
Swinburne University


  • dunnpdunnp Posts: 12
    2nd that

    Hi Roger & all.
    Yes - this seems to be an oversight in the permissions structure. And it hasn't been addressed in 3.1.
    I work with clients who need the read-only access Roger mentioned - ie "look but don't fiddle". I believe this feature should be attractive to virtually all RMS users.
    On the wish-list for version 3.2 please Mr AMX?
  • Dave_UKDave_UK Posts: 54
    Any progress with account permissions ?

    It's now three years on - have there been any improvements with account permissions ?

    I need to give our frontline support full status monitoring of our venues, but prevent them from making changes.

    In order to give them status monitoring, they need to be given 'manage venue' rights, however this allows all sorts of editing.

  • annuelloannuello Posts: 294
    I've recently sent an email to AMX regarding/requesting a Programmers API for the back-end of RMS4, with 4 example scenarios that would make such an API useful. Essentially, it would allow us to have access to the DB but in a protected manner (so-as to prevent us from inadvertently destroying important fields in the DB, like admin accounts and licences). We can then write our own "views" to the system using whatever language we want (PHP, Python, ASP, etc) which gets the data we need. We can then format the data however we like (big LCD display, iPhone-optimised display, etc).

    If AMX takes my suggestion on board then such an API would allow us to provide whatever custom GUI we like to whomever. If this comes to fruition then I think my request for better account management may become rather redundant. If I want read-only access for a user, there is no need for them to have an account on the system at all since they don't need to change anything.

    Roger McLean
    Swinburne University
  • Dave_UKDave_UK Posts: 54
    Sounds interesting, but if you are purchasing a status monitoring system I'd expect some sort of reasonable configuration options out of the box. The 'look but don't fiddle' just doesn't appear to be there.

    I've already had to do some configuration directly in the backend SQL - bulk imports of venue data, records which hadn't been removed properly etc.

    The big LCD status display output is something that had also crossed my mind as a desirable feature for any such monitoring system.

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