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RMS IP Link Interface

Is there any manual or documentation for this module? What are the parameters for the firmware for the NI-700? We were a beta site for this module and I am just getting around to updating the .tkn file to fix some issues. It didn't fix them. I updated the firmware (3.21) to the current version and then the whole thing doesn't work at all. Not a big deal on the firmware I have other NI-700s I can swap out.

The original problem I was trying to fix was that 2 new IP Link systems we not showing up in RMS as unassigned rooms. The were showing up in the IP Link Interface on the NI-700 though. We have 7 working systems, we're trying to add two more. We have a license for 12.


  • TheWaltTheWalt Junior Member Posts: 3
    There is a new version of this code coming out as the existing no longer works. Keep your eyes open for an update in 2 to 3 weeks (or so I'm told as I'm in the same situation).
  • mrhoadarmrhoadar Junior Member Posts: 14
    Was this the update

    I noticed that device firmware for the NI-700 came out v1_13_7. I was going to try it but I'm unable to use Netlinx Studio to send the firmware the master. I keep getting a Firmware ID is invalid error. So was this the update to fix the RMS-Extron bug or are we still waiting?
  • mrhoadarmrhoadar Junior Member Posts: 14
    I did get the firmware to install (I forgot to use port 5001 instead of 0) but it didn't help the RMS module not working.
  • mrhoadarmrhoadar Junior Member Posts: 14
    issue fixed

    The problem turned out to be the age of the NI700 and some memory issues> (still using the beta hardware) AMX rebuilt the software setup and it all works fine now.
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