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G4 Web Control Problem

RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior MemberPosts: 373
I have 2 NXD-1200v that after a soft or hard reboot, the G4 Web Control stops working even though it is ENABLED. The panels have firmware v2.72.8 and v2.72.10, the second firmware, I just got from AMX tech support and it is not available on the web page for download yet.

After a panel reboot, when I go to the Protected Setup - G4 Web Control, it still shows that it is ENABLED, but it doesn't work. Then, If I disabled Web Control and enabled it right back, it starts working again and I can access the panels via Web Browser and as long as I don't reboot the panel, G4 Web control works, after a soft or hard reboot, it stops working and I have to manually do the disable/enable procedure again. Any ideas or suggestions?




  • alexanboalexanbo Junior Member Posts: 282
    Does it work if you directly VNC into the panel instead of using the web control page? If it does it would seem that there's some error in the link on the web control page. Are the master controller, touchpanel and computer accessing the touchpanel all on the same network?

    You could try sending the G4WC command to the master in the online event for the touchpanel and see if that fixes anything.

    SEND_COMMAND 0:1:0,"'G4WC "panel name",ip address,5900,1'"

    where 5900 is the port number and the last number enables or disables the control.
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