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I need to emulate the TP with "real size"

2Fast2Fast Junior MemberPosts: 90
I need to emulate or print the panel project in your real scale. The Panel Preview has some options on tab "View" ... but when I change the option nothing happens.



  • VLCNCRZRVLCNCRZR Senior member Posts: 216
    G4 panel previewing

    When you say "real scale", that is relative.

    I believe the Panel Preview tool displays the panels in the actual
    pixel size that the panel project is using.

    Depending on the output resolution setting on your PC, this could display
    on you monitor much smaller or larger than the actual touch panel.

    I would suggest copy and paste the pages to another document, and then experiment
    with the pasted size when printing the pages.
  • 2Fast2Fast Junior Member Posts: 90
    Thanks for reply VLCNCRZR!

    I'll try!

    Thanks again. :)
  • DarksideDarkside Member Posts: 345
    The other issue you might find when trying to display in 'real size' is that if you want to view the external buttons on, say, the 8400, there is no way to 'fit screen' from the menu as it appears at about 150% zoom, but if you drag the top corner you can get it on the screen.

    Then a PrtSc will get you your image for export. (Since you cant do that in TPD4!...another of my little beefs!!)


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