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Max number of buttons on G4 page?

I'm driving a big 22" touchpanel from a TPI/4 display controller. Of course once I'm out on the job, it turns out I've got to add a half a dozen more inputs to my matrix switcher. So I start copying existing rows of selection buttons and hit a wall: "The maximum number of buttons has been exceeded." I couldn't find reference to the actual limit in the Help file or by searching the forums. What is it?

I end up needing enough buttons for a 15 input, 30 output matrix. Plus 2 bargraphs and 4 display fields for each output, plus a dozen other "top level" buttons for sub-panel selections. That's 460+ buttons and a total of 700+ elements on my switcher page.

Now comes my rank ignorance of TPDesign: I'm using what are technically buttons (inactive) for labeling and background graphics. Can I make those inactive buttons into non-button elements to lower my button count?

Or... am I going to have to put each of my rows or columns into persistent popups so I have a limited set of buttons on each page or popup?



  • Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Junior Member Posts: 693
    The max number of buttons per page is 500. This I believe is in the help. Also just FYI, the max number of pages is 500, max number of popup pages is 500.
  • fogled@mizzou[email protected] h4x354x0r Posts: 549
    The max number of buttons per page is 500. This I believe is in the help.

    Thanks. I was searching on variations of the work maximum and couldn't un-bury the info in the returns. Armed with the number I needed to find, I can find it easy.

    So, on to the solution: creating popup pages for each row or column is best?
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