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Aluminum smoke template?

Did AMX pull the aluminum smoke template or have they not released it yet?

I saw it in the ACE newsletter and figured I would try to get it when I downloaded the new panelbuilder. Panelbuilder doesn't find it and it's not on where the newsletter said to grab it..

Just curious..

Kevin D.


  • You can update it on the site or through the install templete option on the program itself. Although you can update it it does not work . I keep getting error everytime I try to use for any type of panel. See attached image
  • I just tried it and it did show up. I'm downloading it now and will let you know what I get..

    You did get the new panelbuilder right? I think the aluminum smoke uses the new chameleon buttons that requires the new version of panel builder and TP4..

    Kevin D.
  • Everything works fine here.. Me likie chameleon buttons.. It's going to be nice having one design and changing it for each room..

    Kevin D.
  • I whipped together a PanelBuilder file using Aluminum Smoke to check it out, but I can't look at it (and no, PanelPreview >doesn't< count) because the firmware needed to support this theme is only out for the 12/15/17" Moderos...

    Guess that's what I get for having a TPI4 for demos instead of a NXT_xxx. :(
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