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Metreau KPs Device ID

I got around to hooking up 3 Metreau KPs for testing but mainly to find out their Device ID since they aren't listed in the Device ID table found in AMX PI. I set up a 3 gang plate witht the MET-6N, MET-7 & MET-13 since I had them all in stock to show customers.

I set up the dip switches for 128, 129 & 130 respectively. When looking online tree in NS2 kKP 129 (MET-7) would constantly drop offline and then back on. I added the code to discover their Device ID in Define Start and in the Online Event for UIs just for good measure with send strings for diagnostics. Uploaded the program and in diagnostics I received Device ID # 169 for the MET-6N & MET-7 and Device ID # 171 for the MET-13. I immediately thought the MET-7 should be #170 but maybe not.

The MET-7 (device 129) is still falling offline and then coming back online again like clock work about every 25 seconds so I started playing with the jack. BTW all keypads flash green in sync at regular intervals. Any way I swap the jack from the MET-6N to the MET-7 and the MET-7 jack to the MET-13 and the MET-7 is now working fine but so is the MET-13 and now the MET-7 shows up w/ Device ID #170 which is what I expected in the first place. I put the jacks back in original order the the MET-7 goes back to Device ID #169 and again falls offline every 25 seconds or so. Swap jacks around to a different order and again the MET-7 shows up as with a Device ID of 170 but the other KPs work fine with the jack that was on the MET-7. Talk about messing with my head, this desn't make any sense.

As soon as these were connected and I notice the MET-7 acting up I uploaded the current firmware to the 3 deivces. Now I can see a connector not working on one keypad but work on another but how the F' does it change it's device ID number. When it works and stays online its #170 bbut when it keeps falling offline its 169 which is the same as the MET-6N.

These are daisy changed on a 3 gang switch plate with maybe 4' of wire connecting it to the master.

Has anyone else had similar issues with these KPs? Should I expect 1 out of 3 to be flaky?

Ok figured it out! It's that darn MET-6N which uses 2 addresses, the one you assign and then it takes the next number for the IR receiver. After a while of havinig the MET-7 disconnected but still seeing its device online in the tree a light bulb went off and I vaguely remebered a post about this, searched and found Spire_Jeff's post from 10 months ago which detailed the whole thing. Well that was fun!

Would any one ever expect the MET-6N to use 2 addresses? Ok, I'm not a reader but I went back to the install sheet in the device addressing section and it talks about setting the DIP switches but didn't see anything that says the MET-6N uses to addresses so plan accordingly when setting up your system. Thank God I didn't install an entire house full of these thing just to find out they all had to coome out and get re-addressed to accomodate the this dual address feature.


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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    Each keypad requires two Axlink addresses.
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    TurnipTruck wrote:
    Each keypad requires two Axlink addresses.
    Actually I believe just the MET-6N requires two addresses. Upon reading the install instruction further, on the 2nd page under programming I found this for the MET-6N:
    NetLinx Programming
    The MET-6N utilizes two distinct Device IDs: One for the device itself, and another
    for the IR Sensor.
    I didn't find anything similar for the MET-7 and I didn't check the MET-13 but it would make sense that these do not require a second address since they don't have the IR receiver like the MET-6N.

    The device ID's for these devices as returned by the function DEVICE_ID (not to be confused with the device number D:P:S) are:
    MET-6N = 169
    MET-7 = 170
    MET-13 = 171

    In case you want to use these to control your feedback.
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    Thanks Vining.

    When I got my first 6N, there was no manual available. Fortunately in the process of toying with it, I saw two devices in the online tree. The 6N is the only Metreau keypad I've worked with so far.
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    MET-N6 is two devices

    2 devices in 1 chassis.

    1st device = keypad
    2nd device = IR reciever
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    hi guys,

    I am new to configure the Metreau Keypads , how to do this configuration

    Please help me out of this
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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    The manual for the 6N should explain the config but in general you set the dip switch for the address you want for the "keypad" device and the IR device" will automatically be +1 or the next address above the "keypad" device address set. This is why it's a bit tricky if you're not paying attention (which is what I did the 1st time since I didn't read the manual). Normal people would give kp 1 an address like 161, kp 2 would get 162, etc but since each 6N keypads needs 2 addresses each keypad device has to skip an address number. ie, kp 1 = 161, kp 2 = 163, kp 3 = 165, etc. IR devices associated with these keypads will automatically be assigned and follow the kp device number +1. ie, kpIR 1 = 162, kpIR 2 = 164, kpIR 3 = 166, etc.
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