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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    jcerecke wrote: »
    Hmmm, so it turns out when I try to change serial communication settings in NS3 and click on the com port drop down menu, I get nothing. Confirmed on another computer. Somewhat annoying...

    It will only show ports that currently exist on your computer. If you use a USB serial port or something similar, it won't be an option unless it's plugged in. I've always disliked this myself; it prevents me from setting a workspace up on my computer that I can just hand to an installer all ready for his computer.
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    roognationroognation Posts: 138
    AMX NS3 Blunderificly Apparent Bonjour Zeroconf
    bcirrisi wrote: »
    I installed NS3 on a couple of machines, and the machines that had Bonjour installed on them already has the zero config stuff working, but the ones that had installed Bonjour after NS3 aren't showing anything...

    Bought NXV-300...Just installed Bonjour 2.0 from Apple per NS3 instructions. Read this post, uninstalled NS3. Then re-installed NS3.1.0.374. Refresh on Zero-Config page does nothing.

    Any help?

    Blunderificly, yeah, that's a word.
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    truetrue Posts: 307
    I couldn't find one in NS3, either. I just used a web browser with the Bonjour plugin and configured it that way.
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    roognationroognation Posts: 138
    Stay Away from Bonjour 2.0

    OK, I think this kinda works. Uninstalled new version of Bonjour 2.0. Went to CNET and got the 1.0.6 version:

    Then things started working both in IE browser as well as NS3. I updated Java to latest version (update 19, I think) and that did not prevent things from working. I was able to use Bonjour 1.0.6 in Firefox, too:
    via View/Sidebar/BonjourFoxy

    Final note: stay away from Bonjour 2.0.

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