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ACE section still around?



  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 593
    Its got nothing to do with what other people do....it was 'my opinion'. As a freelance programmer, recertifying ACE every year or two years is a bit ridiculous. Freelancers get more experience than employed programmers as we get 'dropped in' at the deep end in a lot of projects. As a company, you probably get a benefit of being able to advertise that you have ACE certified programmers. However, I spend a lot of time putting right stuff done by so called 'ACE' certified programmers, so I'm not convinced that it does what it should!
    I'm not saying that ACE is a bad thing, I'm just saying that when you've qualified once...you qualified! You pass your driving test once, they bring out new road signs, but you don't have to retake your test!

    Its a difference of opinion and I'm happy with mine!!


    As a V.I.P. company not only has the ACE certification allowed us to continue in that program but when partnered with ACE designers and installers projects have tended towards completion with fewer complications than when contracted with uncertified entities.

    And as a long time Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coach I would suggest that regular re-qualifying of all drivers (and riders) should be mandatory.
  • Why ACE?

    I will share an opinion as a long time customer and now employee of AMX. (Disclaimer: My opinion should not be interpreted or implied as an official AMX communication or representing the current or future policies of AMX.)

    Control system programmers could be loosely classified as professionals. To be really good and always in demand, you build a reputation for being competent and reliable. I like to use the term knowledge worker. This is very similar to being a doctor, accountant, or plumber, also knowledge workers. Initial training is required and additional skills are developed over time. Just like other professionals, there are individuals with poor, average, and excellent skills.

    People use the term “quack” when they visit a doctor who is incompetent despite extensive training and accreditation. Likewise, there are great plumbers and not-so-great plumbers. (The guy working under the kitchen sink with his butt crack showing comes to mind.) The question becomes, “How does someone needing services find a suitable resource to match the need of the project?” A referral is the most common answer. But, how do you know a referral is even credible? Some A/V business owners think their programmer is doing excellent work. How do they know if this is true? The typical owner, or perhaps project manager, has no clue how good or productive the programmer is since they have zero point-of-reference.

    Becoming an ACE Expert is a simple way to determine whether someone has at least made the effort to learn how to design, install, program, and maintain an AMX solution. Ideally, you would be trained by a “master programmer” and continue your education as the techniques, tools, and system requirements change over time. The requirements of the ACE renewal are a way to determine if a programmer is keeping up with the changes.

    I have occasionally run across an “ACE” that, for whatever reason, resists learning how to apply the concept of a Module or Structure. Despite not keeping up, they manage to get the system working fine and the customer to sign off on the installation. As long as the touch panel design is modern looking and functional, how the program is written does not really matter. Later on, a “real programmer” looks at the work and believes a complete rewrite is required. There have also been circumstances where the opposite has occurred. The old school A/V programmer has no idea how read the code of a younger programmer applying their formal programming knowledge and starts from scratch when that new projector gets installed.

    It appears those that have made a career out of programming wish there was a better way to determine the “degree” of ACE competency one obtains. I believe an internship or apprenticeship program is a great way to build and maintain expert status. (But who determines which programmers have obtained the prestigious “black belt?”) In many ways the free market approach without the politics of official accreditation has served the programming community quite well. AMX simply wants those who install and service our products to stay current with the new products.

    It would be difficult for a manufacturer to “police” the entire programming community. I suggest those current and former ACE programmers get to know and maintain a relationship with their local AMX Sales Engineer. We are in a great position to make sure you are up-to-speed and perhaps offer an important referral.
  • travistravis Junior Member Posts: 180
    are they still allowing the challenge requests?
    i submitted the request last week but haven't heard anything.
  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 445
    Yes! http://www.amx.com/training/challenge.asp
    Submitted challenges are placed in a que and graded as time permits for trainers when they are outside of class. Feel free to follow-up by email at [email protected]

    Thank you
  • nickmnickm Blinky Light Aficionado Posts: 152
    AMX_Chris wrote: »
    Yes! http://www.amx.com/training/challenge.asp
    Submitted challenges are placed in a que and graded as time permits for trainers when they are outside of class. Feel free to follow-up by email at [email protected]

    Thank you

    FYI - That URL goes no where. "Network path was not found"
  • PhreaKPhreaK Posts: 966
    Hmmmmm... working for me...
  • nickmnickm Blinky Light Aficionado Posts: 152
    PhreaK wrote: »
    Hmmmmm... working for me...

    Working now for me, as well.
  • dthomas32308dthomas32308 Independent Developer Posts: 41
    Since the changes with certifications is this section still around and what are the new requirements to get access?
  • MLaletasMLaletas Junior Member Posts: 226
    The only time I see it is when I am logged off the forum.
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