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AMX DCS and volume control

I'm programming a Navaro CP-3008 for the first time, and you have to do it using an app called AMX DCS. I want to use the volume pot on the panel, but the Sharp TV I'm controlling doesn't have a command for volume increment or decrement, you have to send a specific value to set it to. DCS doesn't allow for the use of variables so I can't change the value sent each time, I can only attach a string to a single turning direction. Any ideas much appreciated.


  • edgelitocedgelitoc Posts: 160
    what i did before is sending it through a series of events, (e..g. 10 , 30 , 60 value)
  • PatGPatG Posts: 42
    Wouldn't that cause all of the events to execute in sequence after the pot hits the first detent? I assume it executes your commands each time it hits one. I also considered advance toggle but that option isn't available on those 2 buttons.
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