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Anyone using Java/Duet?

Can someone share her/his opinion on using Duet - how it is going? Are there some obstacles on the way still? Did you get clear advantages from using Java?

After getting Duet are you going from now on stick with Java and slowly give up on Netlinx Studio with its "regular" Netlinx?

Any news on can we program mainline in Java or not yet?

I would be appreciate any opinion and experience on Java with AMX...

P.S. I know about similar thread in Duet/Cafe section but looks only a few replies are there and thread is slightly outdated - or not so many are really using Duet??


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I'm waiting for it to mature a bit, and for more modules to be available. It's not a huge investment of money, but potentially a large one in time to re-write working modules that are just fine in NetLinx - or even ones that are clunky in NetLinx, but get the job done. When enough becomes available for it to become a time saver, then I will use it. In particular, the "promised" DMS keypad Java module is one I am watching for. Once I start, I'll begin migrating my most-used modules over as well, but as of this moment in time, I have no compelling reason to do so.
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    Chip MoodyChip Moody Posts: 727
    By the time my company finally got off their collective butts and obtained a copy of C.D., our project list had grown astronomically - so no, I have not had time to get comfy with Duet as of yet.

    I'm not >terribly< bothered by this, as the biggest benefit I was expecting (told?) was the ability to just write some processing code in Java that would run faster/better/with more options than NetLinx code. So far, AMX has been cranking out device templates that I just don't give a damn about, and hasn't done squat with regards to just a "code module" template.

    - Chip
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