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Connection Status Indicator on G4 panel?

I've been trying for hours with no luck to get the basic, green/red heartbeat indicator from the setup page on a G4 panel to use on an admin/monitoring page on one of my panels. Essentially, I need a way to show the user that the panel is in fact connected to the master, and the feedback on screen is therefore relevant, and buttons should work.

I've tried using the setup port functions in button properties, but can't seem to get it to function. Lots of searching the forums, but no luck. Any ideas?



  • Take a look at this button in TPD4. You will notice that it is a multi-state button: FILE>OPEN SYSTEM PAGE TEMPLATE.

    1) Copy this button and use it, or
    2) Create the multistate bargraph - this button has 11 states. Give it address, channel, and level of 0:8

    The panel's operational reference guide should explain what each of the colors mean, but I did not see a tech note on this subject.

  • Chris,

    Thanks for your quick response. When I look at the button in TPD4 on the system page template as you suggested, it looks normal on the page: the red/off disconnected looking round button. Selecting the button and looking at state manager reveals it only has 2 states, both of which look the same: A transparent/translucent looking version of the normal connection button. If I copy it to one of my pages, it is just the 2 semi-clear states, and uploading it to a panel which is connected to a master doesn't change its appearance. Any ideas?

  • gsmithgsmith Posts: 59
    Some panel designs use two buttons where the top button is the encryption indicator and there is another button immediately behind it that draws the colors. If this is not the case for you please post the panel model number.
  • That makes perfect sense now. Couldn't select the underlying button without dragging a box around them both. It works perfectly now.

    Thanks for your help,
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